Warranty time frames

Off course we will honour warranty issues you may have. Our response time is based upon the urgency of the repair. People who are out of water will be on a higher priority than someone who has a minor leak. We reserve the right to prioritize based upon urgency, geographical location and seasonal workload.


The pumps we sell are warrantied by each respective supplier/manufacturer. The workmanship to install your pump is warrantied by us. We are the service agent who undertakes warranty work on behalf of the pumps / accessories we sell. For warranty claims on pumps/accessories  we sell, you may need to complete a warranty claim form which we can provide for you in electronic format via email. Each supplier/manufacturer has the final judgement if the cost of goods and or service/s for the pump repair is covered under the their respective warranty terms & conditions or not. We reserve the right to have you complete a warranty claim form and return it to us before we undertake any diagnosis of your pump/accessory It is important you read the warranty claim form carefully as it is a legally binding document. The warranty is a limited liability warranty meaning that the supplier is not liable for covering the cost of collecting or returning your pump to you and or any damage or loss incurred as a result of any manufacturing fault. This means that although Tolleys pumps may have installed your pump it is still the responsibility of you the owner to return the pump to Tolleys Electric Pump Service (as the warranty agent). Alternatively the client can engage Tolleys to undertake this on behalf of the client at our normal rates and charges.

For all other brands of pumps that are under warranty by a third party, the client must first seek the assistance of that third party for any warranty claims. Failure to disclose that your pump is under warranty by another party to Tolleys Electric Pump Service may void your warranty if we are not authorised to work on your pump. We are not responsible for the costs incurred as a result of this.

Title of ownership

Ownership of the goods described on the invoice shall transfer to the client after complete payment has cleared into our bank account. We retain complete ownership of goods until this happens. The client grants us entry to the property to retrieve these goods if the account is not settled within 30 days. If this action is required then the client is still liable for a proportional amount of the invoiced amount (to be decided by us) plus any travel and labour to retrieve the goods.


Invoices are to be settled upon completion of the job unless you have made other arrangements with us before we commence the job. For each invoice not settled within 7 days a $30 or 5% fee (which ever is the greater amount) will be added to the invoice. Bank fees arising from dishonoured cheques will be added to the outstanding invoiced amount. Invoices outstanding after 60 days will be forwarded to a collection agency with the greater of a $70 or 5% lodgement fee. Once the debt collector has received the outstanding account the debt collector will add the debt collectors commission of 35%.

Emailed Invoices

Please note: We usually email your account within 24 hours of providing service/product. If you have not received your email please do not automatically assume we have not sent it. Please check your junk folder. Some providers like GMail & Hotmail will put our email into your junk folder by default. Other providers my block our email from even being delivered. If you do not call or text us to advise us that you have not received your account we will assume that you have received it OK. Our outgoing emails are automatically CC'd to another email account we have so that we have duplicate records of our outgoing communications with dates & times.

Liability for collection costs

By requesting goods and or service/s from us you agree to become liable for recovery costs associated with pursuing any outstanding amounts


Quotes undertaken by email & phone are provided at no charge to the client. Quotes undertaken by attending the property at request of the client are billed at our standard consultation/ labour rates at our sole descretion. Quotes are valid for 30 days. Quotes only include the listed goods and or services. Your quote assumes that any items related to any existing pump and or installation meets our standards. Items that do not meet our standards, or, are not listed on this quote are considered additional items which are required to ensure the pump/installation operates as designed. Additional goods and or service/s will be billed at standard list price/rates. Labour to fit any additional items will be billed at the standard labour rate as listed.

Requests for service

The individual who makes any request for us to provide goods and or service/s, is the individual who is liable for the full payment. If you are making this request on behalf of a third party (ie: business entity, relative or friend), you must provide written evidence of the said third party's acceptance of our terms & conditions before any goods and or service/s are received. Tenants who require goods and or service/s from us, must first initiate requests through their landlord first. The landlord then must make the request for any goods and or service/s from us.

Special terms & conditions

If you  not agree or are not entirely happy with all or part of the terms & conditions set out in this agreement, we ask that you discuss these with us in an effort to negotiate any potential changes to this agreement. This must be undertaken before any goods and or services are received. By failing to negotiate any special terms & conditions, the default terms & conditions shall prevail. Any modified agreed terms & conditions must be documented in writting by both parties prior to the goods and or services received.

Rates, charges and accounts

A standard minimum weekday service call to your property is $80 & this includes the first hour on your property. The hourly rate is charged once the first hour of your service call has elapsed. Our normal (mon-fri 7am to 6pm) hourly rate is $80 per hour + GST. After hours rates are $140 per hour. Travel is charged at the hourly rate plus .$0.40c per km. If the job is not urgent clients can choose to wait until there are several jobs in your area and then the travel is shared by all clients equally. Our invoices are generated and sent electronically via email (so you will need an email address). This process only takes less than 30 seconds. We only print out and send accounts out via post by special request (which incurs a $10 fee).


There will be no charges if you have notified us that you wish to cancel your request before we have initiated any travel, special orders, freight or prior preparation work in relation to your request. Materials used or cut to size in preparation for your request are considered charges which you will be liable for.

Insurance claims

We are happy to provide clients who have an eligible insurance claim with a repairer's report to help with your claim process. Please note that we only provide this on the invoice after completion of the job, and not before the job has commenced. This is due to clients in the past, obtaining the insurance money only to then purchase a cheap pump off the internet even after we have provided the diagnosis and insurance paperwork. By default the invoice you received is also called a repairer's report (labelled top right hand side). If your insurance company requires us to complete their documents we will be happy to do so as well. It is important to note that Tolleys Electric Pump Service is not the client of your insurance company and therefore will not engage directly with your insurance company to arrange payment to us for your account. You the client are liable for the full payment of our invoiced amount in your name in a time frame as specified in these terms of trade or as arranged with us. The settlement of your account with us is not related to the time frame it takes your insurance company to finalize your claim. It is your responsibility to ensure the details on the repairer's report we have provided for you are accurate before forwarding it to your insurance company.

All pumps

Unless otherwise stated in the item description on this invoice, all pumps come with a 2 year warranty subject to water quality, sufficient and clean power supply, covered or protected from all weather elements, delivering water at the rate specified in the manufacturers pump performance curve and also undertaking not more than 5 starts per hour for bore hole pumps and 50 starts per hour for all other pumps. Excessive starting and stopping decreases the lifespan of your pump proportionally to the number of starts your pump does. Pumps which don't turn off and keep running will damage themselves and or the connected infrastructure. We recommend you undertake an analysis of the water that your pump is pumping so that you can plan your maintenance needs to ensure you don't damage your pump or void your warranty. This particularly important for bore pumps.


Your pump is fitted with a start/run capacitor. This component is considered a consumable part like a light globe or battery. Therefore capacitors are not covered under warranty. Capacitors usually fatigue and fail prematurely when your pump experiences low voltage when starting/running and or excessive starts.

Bore pumps

Your bore pump (unless fitted with a guardian or electronic control) does not come with any dry run protection.   

If you bore runs out of water your bore motor will overheat and could fail prematurely. All of our installations come with an airline which allows you to read how much water is in your bore. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their bore pump does not run dry. Dry running your bore pump voids your warranty. When we install your bore usually we fit a restriction valve (gate valve) to set how much flow can be taken from the bore. Altering this flow rate could void your warranty because the flow rate may be above or below the manufacturer's specifications for safe operation. Again this may void your warranty.


All tanks are covered by a 2 year warranty unless otherwise stated on this invoice. This warranty is subject to water quality, having the correct pressure and being covered sufficiently from the weather.

Switches, gauges and control boxes.

Are covered by a 12 month warranty unless stated otherwise on this invoice. This is subject to being covered from the weather, having a clean water supply. This excludes any capacitors which are classified as a consumable part.


All fittings are covered by a 2 year warranty subject to not being exposed to extreme temperatures or chemicals (excluding clear-bore), movement and debris in the water.

Unforseen leaks

All efforts are made to ensure any plumbing we have worked on will remain water tight. If in the normal course of operation (within 3 months) the job we did leaks then we will happily fix the leak for you. We quite often go to jobs that have an extensive array of fittings and it is not viable to remove all of them to re-tape or re-seal, especially if the job only requires access to only some fittings. Existing fittings may leak sometime after they have been disturbed. If you would like all fittings associated with your job re-taped then please specify this at the time of the job. Existing fittings  unless we removed them are not included in any warranties.


This can happen to your pump when you ask it to deliver more water than what it was either designed to deliver or than capable of due to environmental factors. When cavitating your pump (at the wet end) sounds noisier than usual. Cavitation causes pump failure and voids your warranty. For more info see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cavitation

Fit for purpose

When we sell you a pump, we ask as many questions as we can to work out what model will do the job perfectly for what you require of it in the environment it will be installed in. If, after we have completed your installation you alter any of these environmental conditions it could have implications for your warranty. If in doubt ask us first. In most cases every model pump has different performance capabilities. Once the same pump is asked to operate outside these capabilities it may fail.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Policy

The purpose of this policy is to specify the measures in which we now implement to restrict the risk of both parties (us & you) contracting the COVID-19 virus.  Before we attend your property you will need to reply to us via email identifying that you have addressed each of the points below. This policy may be updated as the current situation changes and is current from 29-03-20 until further notice.

We are an essential service and consequently will be still be available to repair/replace components/pumps which are used for critical water requirements on your property. We will attend your property under these strict conditions.

  • Notify us in writing via email before we attend the property if you or anyone residing at the property of attendance is any or all of the following, currently diagnosed as COVID-19 positive, displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or self isolating, recovered from COVID-19 within 90 days of requesting our service.
  • We will not go inside the primary residence or buildings with enclosed covered areas
  • All persons to remain inside premises whilst we are on the property
  • All animals are locked up or restrained
  • All gates, doors etc are opened prior to us attending the property
  • All pump covers to be removed from the pump and be placed minimum of 5m away from the pump before we attend the property
  • Any items/rubbish around the pump or in paths to the pump be removed
  • Inform us if you have touched the pump, pipework or related accessories within 7 days prior to us attending the property
  • Notify us prior to attending your property if you are likely to experience difficulty in settling the account within our normal payment terms & conditions as a result of financial hardship resulting directly from the economic downturn from COVID-19
  • We reserve the right to cancel any/all appointments to attend your property if we suspect our health status has changed whereby we may pose a risk to you the client or others at the premises
  • We use hand sanitizer before attending your property and hand gloves while on your property. Whilst every effort is made to control the spread of COVID-19 according to changing government laws, We accept no liability for any exposure to COVID-19 as a result of our service and or products supplied. Do not accept these terms and or request our services if you do not agree to this liability waiver.
  • Performance/pressure testing/adjustment of repaired or newly installed pumps is limited to taps external to the residence.
  • We reserve the right to vacate the property without warning if you the client have not undertaken the requirements in this policy list prior to us attending your property. If this happens you the client will still be liable for the service call & travel charges