COVID-19 Coronavirus Policy

The purpose of this policy is to specify the measures in which we now implement to restrict the risk of both parties (us & you) contracting the COVID-19 virus.  Before we attend your property you will need to reply to us via email identifying that you have addressed each of the points below. This policy may be updated as the current situation changes and is current from 29-03-20 until further notice.

We are an essential service and consequently will be still be available to repair/replace components/pumps which are used for critical water requirements on your property. We will attend your property under these strict conditions.

  • Notify us in writing via email before we attend the property if you or anyone residing at the property of attendance is any or all of the following, currently diagnosed as COVID-19 positive, displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or self isolating, recovered from COVID-19 within 90 days of requesting our service.
  • We will not go inside the primary residence or buildings with enclosed covered areas
  • All persons to remain inside premises whilst we are on the property
  • All animals are locked up or restrained
  • All gates, doors etc are opened prior to us attending the property
  • All pump covers to be removed from the pump and be placed minimum of 5m away from the pump before we attend the property
  • Any items/rubbish around the pump or in paths to the pump be removed
  • Inform us if you have touched the pump, pipework or related accessories within 7 days prior to us attending the property
  • Notify us prior to attending your property if you are likely to experience difficulty in settling the account within our normal payment terms & conditions as a result of financial hardship resulting directly from the economic downturn from COVID-19
  • We reserve the right to cancel any/all appointments to attend your property if we suspect our health status has changed whereby we may pose a risk to you the client or others at the premises
  • We use hand sanitizer before attending your property and hand gloves while on your property. Whilst every effort is made to control the spread of COVID-19 according to changing government laws, We accept no liability for any exposure to COVID-19 as a result of our service and or products supplied. Do not accept these terms and or request our services if you do not agree to this liability waiver.
  • Performance/pressure testing/adjustment of repaired or newly installed pumps is limited to taps external to the residence.
  • We reserve the right to vacate the property without warning if you the client have not undertaken the requirements in this policy list prior to us attending your property. If this happens you the client will still be liable for the service call & travel charges